The Biblewiki is a Web site with with a lot of information about the Bible. Or in traditional terms, it's a Bible encyclopedia. Throughout all articles, it is assumed that the Bible is true - it assumes the point of view from the Bible. This is a sharp contrast to Wikipedia which assumes a neutral point of view (NPOV).

The main project of Biblewiki at the moment is the Bible genealogy during which process each and every name of the Bible should be collected.

The site is called Biblewiki because originally it really was a Wiki, using the MediaWiki software. This has since been changed to using a custom technology and the site is not currently editable by the general public.

Notable pages

This is a selection of some pages to get you started. This database is heavily interlinked, so just follow the links as you find more information.


A few famous people.


Number of people: 471
Number of peoples: 129
Number of books: 66
Number of angels: 1
Number of pagan gods: 5
Total 672