Reuben (see, a son or he has seen my misery ), is the founder of the Reubenites, a clan of the Israelites.

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Reuben had sex with Bilhah, his father's concubine.

When Joseph was about to be killed by his brothers, Reuben prevented the killing by suggesting to just put Joseph into a cistern. Reuben planned to rescue his brother later.

When Reuben went to Egypt for the second time, he had two sons (Genesis 42:37). So his other two sons must have been born between the second and third (final) journey to Egypt.

Before Jacob died, he prophesied over his sons. To Reuben he said, that he as the first-born was the first sign of Jacob's strength, excelling in honour and in power. But he also said, that he would no longer excel, because he defiled his father's bed.