1. References

Rachel was a shepherdess.

She was lovely in form and beautiful and Jacob was very much in love with her. So much in fact, that the seven years he worked to get her seems like a few days.

But after the first seven years, Laban gave Jacob Leah as a wife. So Jacob had to work another seven years to get Rachel, too. Laban gave Rachel Bilhah as a maidservant.

For a long time, Rachel was barren. Jacob then had children with Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah. But finally, Rachel was also able to get children and gave birth to Joseph.

When she was running away with Jacob and all the other people, she stole her father's household gods. When Laban searched her tent for the gods, she deceived him and said, she could not stand up because of her period.

Rachel died when giving birth to Bejamin. She was buried beside the road to Ephrath.