Pharaoh (Joseph's time)

Pharaoh (Joseph's time)

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The Pharaoh threw his cupbearer and baker into prison. There they met Joseph. He interpreted their dreams. Three days later, the Pharaoh took them out of prison on his birthday. He hanged the chief baker but put the cupbearer back into his position.

Two years later, the Pharaoh got a dream. He searched whole Egypt for magicians and wise men who could interpret his dreams. The cupbearer then remembered Joseph and they called for him. Joseph interpreted the dream, announcing to the Pharaoh that Egypt would have seven years of abundance, followed by seven years of famine. The Pharaoh then put Joseph in charge of the whole land of Egypt and only let himself be over Joseph. He gave Joseph the new name Zaphenath-Paneah and married him to Asenath.

During the famine, Joseph saw his brothers again. When the Pharaoh heard about the reconcilation, he was pleased. He said to Joseph, that his brothers should go back to Canaan and bring their father and families with them. He would then give them the best land of Egypt.

The Pharaoh's talked to five of Joseph's brothers and also to Jacob, when they had all arrived. He allowed them to settle in the region of Goschen.

When Jacob died, the Pharaoh allowed Joseph to go to Canaan and bury Jacob there.