Laban ♂, was an Aramean living in Haran.

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Esau once wanted to kill Jacob. Rebekah then arranged for Jacob to go to Laban in order to choose a wife.

Laban gave Jacob his two daughters Leah and Rachel as wife. Jacob only wanted Rachel. But because it was custom not to marry the younger daughter before the older one, Laban gave him Leah first. All in all, Jacob worked 14 years to earn this two daugthers from Laban.

Laban did not treat Jacob very well. Besides the story with the daughters, Laban also changed Jacob's wages very often. Then times in 20 years, as Jacob says.

After about 20 years, Jacob ran away from Laban without saying anything. Laban then followed Jacob and met him again in the hill country of Gilead. He was looking for the gods, that Rachel had stolen. He did not find anything and made a covenant with Jacob at Jegar Sahadutha (as it was called by Laban) or Galeed (as it was called by Jacob) or Mizpah. The covenant did not allow Jacob to ill-treat Laban's daughters or take any wives beside Laban's daughters. Additionally they set up a frontier which both would not pass to harm the other.