Kedorlaomer ♂, was a king of Elam.

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Kedorlaomer ruled over Bera, Birsha, Shinab, Shemeber and Zoar for 12 years. Then in the 13th year, the five kings rebelled. In the 14th, Kedorlaomer set out together with Amraphel, Arioch and Tidal to fight. They defeated:

Then the five kings drew up their battle lines in the Valley of Siddim to fight against Kedorlaomer and his three allies. The four kings won the battle and Bera and Birsha fled. Kedorlaomer and his allies then went to Sodom and Gomorrah and seized all their goods. Additionally they carried of Lot and his possessions, because he was living in Sodom.

Kedorlaomer was then defeated by Abram, who allied with Mamre, Eshcol and Aner. The four kings were followed as far as Dan and Hobah, north of Damascus.