Judah (praise )

Judah helped plot the killing against Joseph. In the end he was the one, who suggested not to kill him but to sell Joseph into slavery.

Shortly after this plot, Judah went to Adullam and stayed with Hirah there. He married the daughter of Shua who bore him Er, Onan and Shelah.

When both Er and Onan and their wife Tamar still had not conceived and children, Judah promised her Shelah. He did not keep his promise. So Tamar conceived herself as a prostitue and slept with Judah. Then she gave birth to Perez and Zerah.


He went down to Egypt together with all of his brothers, except Benjamin. There they had to leave behind Simeon under the provision to come with Benjamin, the next time. The man giving this order was Joseph, but they did not recognize him at that time.

Judah seems to have been a leader of his brothers. When they went to Egypt for the second time during the famine, he argued with his father. He definitely wanted to take Benjamin with him, as Joseph had ordered. But Jacob didn't want to let Benjamin go. In the end, they all went down to Egypt, including Benjamin.

There, Joseph gave them a very good meal and especially Benjamin was treated very well, because Joseph and Benjamin had the same mother.

When going back, Benjamin was taken captive by Joseph (see Benjamin's story for details). Judah then pleaded with Joseph and explained, why Benjamin was so worthwile to Jacob and how hard it would be for their father to leave Benjamin in Egypt.

Judah was sent to Joseph by Jacob to get the directions to Goshen, when the whole clan moved to Egypt.

Before Jacob died, he prophesied over his sons. About Judah he said, that his brothers will praise him and his hend will be on the neck of his enemies. The sceptre will not depart from Judah for a long time. The NIV writes: "... until he comes to whom it belongs".