Joshua also known as Hoshea, was Moses' assistant.

Joshua was Moses's assistant since youth. It's Moses who gave Hoshea the name Joshua.

He fought the Amalekites at Rephidim.

When Moses went on Mount Sinai for 40 days, Joshua was the only one allowed to go to the top with him. When the Tent of Meeting was finished, Joshua spent a lot of time there with the Lord.

Joshua was among the 12 men sent to explore Canaan while the Israelites camped at Kadesh. He and Caleb were the only ones to believe, that the Israelites could invade the land. So all the explorers except this two died because of a plague. He and Reuben where the only ones from the first census still alive at the second one.

Joshua was anointed to be the successor of Moses. Moses was to give him some of his authority so that the Israelites would obey him. His decisions were to be based on Eleazar the priest who was to enquire of the Urim.

On the plains of Moab, Joshua helped Eleazar to allocate the land to the Israelites.

When Moses was 120 years old, he told the Israelites that he was no longer able to lead them and that Joshua would succeed him. Moses told Joshua to be strong and courageous and that he would divide the inheritance of the Israelites. Moses and Joshua then went together to the Tent of Meeting where God appeared to them to commission Joshua. At that time the Lord also told them that the Israelites would soon forsake him.

Moses died in Moab shortly after anointing Joshua as his successor. From then on the Israelites listened to Joshua.

After Moses died, God commanded Joshua to take the Israelites over the Jordan River into the country of the Israelites. He commanded Joshua to be strong and couragous. God said again that their territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates to the Great Sea on the west.

Joshua sent two spies to Jericho. They came back and reported that they were certain that the Lord has given the whole land into the Israelites' hands. They said that the people were melting in fear because of them.

With the Israelites, Joshua crossed the Jordan to get to Jericho. God stopped the water in the Jordan while the Israelite priests were standing in the riverbed. Once on the other side, Joshua circumcised all the Israelites as they had not done so during their time in the desert. Then he and his people destroyed Jericho with the help of God.