Isaac (he laughs ), is Abraham's second son.

Early life

Isaac was almost sacrificed in Moriah by his father Abraham. But God stopped Abraham from doing so but promised, that God would make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky.

After Sarah had died, Isaac married Rebekah at the age of 40. Rebekah was brought to Isaac by Abraham's master servant. The servant went out to Aram Naharaim to the town of Nahor. There he found Rebekah and asked her father Nahor for permission to take her for Isaac. Isaac himself was living in the Negev at that time.

Isaac inherited everything, Abraham owned.

After Abraham's death

After Abraham's death, God blessed Isaac. He lived near Beer Lahai Roi at that time.

When he was sixty, Rebekah bore him two sons: Esau and Jacob.

In Gerar

There was a famine in the land and Isaac went to Abimelech. There God told him, not to go to Egypt so Isaac stayed in Gerar. God also promised Isaac, that he would give him this land.

Isaac deceived the people and told tham, that his wife Rebekah was his siter. When they had been in the land for a long time, Abimelech found out, that she was Isaac's wife.

God blessed Isaac in many ways. The first year he planted crops, he raped a hundredfold. So he became very rich and was soon envied by the people of that country. He was then driven away from the country by Abimelech and moved on to the Valley of Gerar. Later he went to Beersheba.

Abimelech came up there and they swore an oath not to harm each other.

His sons

Isaac was displeased with Esau, because he married Hittites. But he still loved Esau more than Jacob.

When he was old, he wanted to bless Esau. He ordered a wild game from him and was going to bless him after eating that meal. Rebekah overheard that conversation, and she managed for Jacob to get the blessing.


Isaac lived a 180 years. Esau and Jacob buried him.