Hagar ♀, was a maidservent of Sarai.

  1. References

Because Sarai was barren, she gave Hagar as a wife to Abram in order for Abram to get children. But when Hagar became pregnant she started to despise her mistress. Sarai then illtreated Hagar and Hagar eventuelly ran away. In the desert at the spring Beer Lahai Roi, the angel of the Lord appeared to her. There he prophecied that Hagar should have many descendants and also over the live of Ishmael.

After Isaac had been born, Hagar was sent away again. She ran away together with her boy Ishmael. When they ran out of water, she but Ishmael under a bush to let him die. But God heard the boy crying and provided them with water.

Ishmael and probably also Hagar then lived in the desert. Hagar got a wife for him from Egypt.