Benjamin (son of my right hand ) also known as Ben-Oni (son of my trouble )

Benjamin was born on the way from Bethel. His mother Rachel died because of this birth. That's why she called him Ben-Oni. But Jacob called him Benjamin.

Jacob loved Benjamin a lot, especially after Joseph had disappeared.

In Egypt

The second time his brothers went to Egypt, Benjamin went along as well. He was treated very well by Joseph, because they had the same mother (Rachel).

When Joseph sent his brothers home (at that point they hadn't recognized him yet), he ordered the silver they paid and his cup to be put back into the sacks. The cup was put into Benjamin's sack. A bit later, Joseph sent his steward to search for the cup. When it was found at Benjamin, they threatened to enslave him. But all the brothers came back to Joseph and Judah pleaded with Joseph for Benjamin.

Finally, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and told them to come to him to Egypt.

Before Jacob died, he prophesied over his sons. Benjamin was said to be a wolf, always hunting and dividing the plunder.