Aaron ♂, the first priest of the Israelites.

Against the Pharaoh

Because Moses was afraid to speak to the Hebrews, Aaron was sent to help Moses. Aaron was known by God to be able to speak well.

Moses and Aaron visited the Pharaoh several times. Aaron was 83 years old at that time.

The visits ordered sequentially:

  1. Asked for permission to go and worship God in the desert. The Pharaoh sentenced them by not giving them straw for making the bricks.
  2. The staff became a snake. The Egyptian magicians did the same. Moses' and Aaron's snake eats the two snakes of the Egyptians,
  3. They converted the water in Egypt to blood. The Egyptian magicians did the same.
  4. They filled the land with frogs. The Egyptian magicians did the same.
  5. They prayed to take the frogs away from Egypt.
  6. They converted the sand in the land to gnats. The Egyptian magicians were not able to do the same.
  7. They filled the land but not Goschem with flies.
  8. They prayed for the flies to vanish.
  9. God killed all the livestock of the Egyptians, but not one of the Hebrews.
  10. Men and animals were plagued with boils.
  11. Again they asked for permission to go out. The Pharaoh did not allow them to go. Then everything outside (men, animals, crop) was destroyed by a hail storm.
  12. The Pharaoh realized he had sinned and allowed the people to go. Moses then prayed and the storm stopped. After that, the Pharaoh's heard became hard again.
  13. They warned the Pharaoh, that swarms of locusts would come over the land.
  14. The Pharaoh was terrified and ordered Moses and Aaron before him again. He allowed all men of the Israelites to leave Egypt, but not the women and their livestock.
  15. The locusts came and the Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron again. He asked them to pray for him and get away with the locusts.
  16. Now God covered the land with darkness for three days. The Pharaoh then allowed them to leave with their women, but not with the livestock.

Finally the Israelites were allowed to leave Egypt, after every firstborn male of Egypt had been killed by God.

Away from Egypt

Aaron traveled with the Israelits from Egypt. The story can be read in Moses' biography. Aaron was on Mount Sinai, when God dictated the Ten Commandments. When Moses was on the mountain for 40 days, Aaron and Hur were the judges of the people.

At that time, Aaron and his sons were appointed to be priests over the people of Israel. This was set to be a lasting ordinance for Aaron and his descendants. One of his sons was to succeed him as priest.

God also gave a "job description" of what Aaron and his successors were to do as priests.

  • Offer two one-year old lambs every day. One in the morning and one at twilight. (Exodus 29:38-41)
  • Burn fragrant incense on the altar of Incense every morning and again at twilight (Exodus 30:7,8)
  • Make an atonement offering on the horns of the altar of incense once a year (Exodus 30:10)

The Golden Calf

Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days. During that time, the people of Israel became inpatient and asked Aaron to make them gods. So Aaron collected the gold from the people and made a calf out of it. The people then presented offerings to the calf and had a big feast. Moses later recalls that God was angry enough to destroy Aaron after that. But Moses prayed for Aaron and thus he was spared.


The book of Leviticus describes much of the priests duties. Leviticus 1-7 talks about the offerings (burnt, grain, sin, guilt, ordination and fellowship offering).

Aaron and his sons were ordained by Moses. As part of that, they had to stay at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting for seven days. On the eight day the started their ministry by offering a sin offering for the Israelites. The Lord came and consumed that offering by fire.

Aaron lost his two sons Nadab and Abihu, because the offered unauthorised fire before the Lord. They were killed by God's fire.

At Hazeroth, Aaron and Miriam became envious of Moses. They talked against him, because of his Cushite wive. Miriam became leprous because and had to stay out of the Israelite camp for seven days.

Aaron died on Mount Hor in Gudgodah ca. in the year 2706, when he was 123 years old. His son Eleazar became priest in his place.


Aaron was 123 years old when he died (Numbers 33:39 (NIV, Elberfelder))

Priest of Israel
2667 - 2706