Numeri (4 Book Moses, Numbers) is book number 4 of the Bible. It contains 36 chapters.

Contents by chapter

  1. First census of the Israelites.
  2. How to camp around the tent of meeting.
  3. Moses counts the Levites.
  4. Individual clans of the Levites (Kohathites, Gerschonites, Merarites) are counted.
  5. God gives laws of keeping the camp clean and testing for an unfaithful wive.
  6. How to bless.
  7. Offerings at the dedication of the Tabernacle.
  8. The Levites are set apart for their service.
  9. The Passover is celebrate.
  10. The Israelites leave Sinai.
  11. The people complain about the Manna and want meat.
  12. Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses.
  13. Explorers go to Canaan and come back full of fear.
  14. The people don't want to go to Canaan and God punishes them with 40 years in the desert.
  15. Information on some additional offerings.
  16. Korah and some followers rise up against Moses.
  17. God proves to the people that the Levites are to lead them.
  18. God spells out the duties of the priests.
  19. Water of cleansing to purify the Israelites of sins.
  20. God gives water from a rock and gets annoyed with Moses, Aaron dies.
  21. The Israelites destroy a few cities.
  22. Balak requests blessing from Balaam.
  23. Balaam prophesies over the Israelites and blesses them.
  24. Balaam prophesies more over the Israelites and refuses to give in to Balak.
  25. The Israelites have sex with the Midianites and Phinehas saves them.
  26. The second census of the Israelites.
  27. God appoints Joshua as the successor of Moses.
  28. Offerings and feasts.
  29. More feasts.
  30. How to make and keep vows.
  31. War against the Midianites.
  32. The Gadites, Reubenites and half the Tribe of Manasseh request lands of Jazer and Gilead.
  33. Detailled description of the journey of the Israelites.
  34. How to split up the land of Canaan.
  35. The towns of the Levites and the refugee towns.
  36. Inheritance for the daughters of Zelophehad.


In this book 0 people, 0 peoples and 0 pagan gods were added to the Bible genealogy.


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