Leviticus (3 Book Moses) is book number 3 of the Bible. It contains 27 chapters.

Contents by chapter

  1. How to offer a burnt offering.
  2. How to offer a grain offering.
  3. How to offer a fellowship offering.
  4. When and how to offer a sin offering.
  5. When to offer a sin offering.
  6. Regulations to the priest for the burnt, grain and sin offering.
  7. Regulations to the priest for the guilt and fellowship offering.
  8. Aaron and his sons ordained.
  9. Aaron and his sons begin their service.
  10. Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu are killed.
  11. Regulations of clean and unclean food.
  12. Uncleanness and offering after childbirth.
  13. How to handle skin diseases and midlew.
  14. How to ceremonially clean somebody after a skin disease or mildew.
  15. Discharges that lead to uncleanness.
  16. The day of atonement.
  17. Eating blood forbidden.
  18. Forbidden sexual relations.
  19. Various laws given.
  20. How to punish violators of the law.
  21. Special rules for the priests.
  22. Special rules for the priests.
  23. The appointed feasts of the Lord: Sabbath, passover, firstfruits, feast of weeks, feast of trumpets, day of atonement, feast of tabernacles.
  24. Stoning of a blasphemer.
  25. Sabbath year and the year of jubilee.
  26. God promises reward for obedience and punishment for disobedience of the Israelites.
  27. How to redeem things and people.


In this book 2 people, 1 people and 1 pagan god were added to the Bible genealogy.


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