Genesis (1 Book Moses) is book number 1 of the Bible. It contains 50 chapters.

Contents by chapter

  1. The story of how God created the earth and men.
  2. How Adam and Eve were created and put into the garden of Eden.
  3. Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.
  4. Cain kills Abel.
  5. A record from the people from Adam to Noah.
  6. God orders Noah to build the ark.
  7. The earth is flooded for 150 days.
  8. Noah and all the animals get out of the ark again.
  9. God makes a covenant with Noah.
  10. A list of Noah's descendants.
  11. The Tower of Babel, list of people from Shem to Abram
  12. Abram and Lot leave their home country and go to Egypt.
  13. Abram and Lot separate.
  14. Abram rescues Lot.
  15. God's covenant with Abram.
  16. Abram marries Hagar who then gives birth to Ishmael.
  17. The covenant of circumcision, Abram is now called Abraham and Sarai is called Sarah.
  18. Three vistors come to Abraham and he pleads for Sodom and Gomorrah
  19. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed, Lot and his daughters are saved.
  20. Abraham moves to Gerar and has contact with Abimelech.
  21. Sarah's first child Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael are sent away.
  22. Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  23. Sarah dies.
  24. Isaac finds his wive Rebekah.
  25. Death of Abraham, family history of Ishmael and birth of Esau and Jacob.
  26. Isaac goes to Abimelech.
  27. Jacob tricks Esau.
  28. Jacob gets Isaac's blessing and receives a dream from God.
  29. Jacob arrives in Paddan Aram and marries Leah and Rachel.
  30. Jacob's family grows and he tricks Laban so that he gets lots of goats and lambs.
  31. Jacob goes back to the land of Canaan; pursued by Laban.
  32. Jacob prepares to meet Esau again, wrestles with God and is now called Israel.
  33. Jacob and Esau meet.
  34. Dinah is raped by Shechem after which Simeon and Levi kill the whole town for revenge.
  35. Jacob goes to Bethel, Rachel and Isaac die.
  36. Descendants of Esau.
  37. Joseph has dreams, is then sold to Egypt by his brothers.
  38. Judah's children Er, Onan and Shelah.
  39. Joseph is put into prison because of Potiphar's wive.
  40. Joseph interprets the dreams of two prisoners.
  41. The Pharaoh has dreams and Joseph is asked to interpret them. Joseph then becomes master over all of Egypt.
  42. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt to get food during the famine.
  43. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt for the second time.
  44. Joseph tricks his brothers and threatens to put Benjamin into prison.
  45. Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers.
  46. Jacob goes to Egypt; the descendants of Jacob
  47. Jacob and his family settle in Rameses, Joseph handles the famine.
  48. Manasseh and Ephraim are blessed.
  49. Jacob prophesies over his children and dies.
  50. Jacob is buried, Joseph dies.


In this book 315 people, 37 peoples and 1 pagan god were added to the Bible genealogy.

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