Exodus (2 Book Moses) is book number 2 of the Bible. It contains 40 chapters.

Contents by chapter

  1. How the Israelites are treated in Egypt.
  2. Moses' youth and marriage.
  3. Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush.
  4. Moses goes back to Egypt.
  5. Moses and Aaron go to the Pharaoh for the first time.
  6. Family record of Moses and Aaron.
  7. First wonders before the Pharaoh.
  8. Plagues of the frogs and flies.
  9. Plagues on the livestock, of boils and of hail.
  10. Plagues of locusts and darkness.
  11. Plague of the firstborn.
  12. The Passover and Exodus.
  13. The firstborn of the Israelites belong to the Lord.
  14. The Israelites cross the Red Sea and the Pharaoh dies.
  15. Moses and Miriam sing.
  16. The Israelites quarrel in the desert and get their first manna.
  17. The Israelites defeat the Amalekites.
  18. Jethro, Moses' father-in-law visits the Israelites.
  19. The Israelites arrive at Mount Sinai.
  20. The Ten Commandments.
  21. God tells Moses the laws (1).
  22. God tells Moses the laws (2).
  23. God tells Moses the laws (3).
  24. The Israelites accept God's covenant.
  25. God gives Moses instructions to get an offering from the Israelites and build instructions for the Tabernacle (table and lampstand).
  26. Built instructions for the Tabernacle (the Tabernacle itself)
  27. Built instructions for the Tabernacle (altar of burnt offering)
  28. Instructions for the priestly garments (ephod, briestpiece, etc.)
  29. Instructions for the consecration of the priests.
  30. Built instructions for the altar of incense and the basin for washing and how to prepare the incense.
  31. Bezalel and Oholiab are to build this things.
  32. Aaron creates the Golden Calf while Moses is still on Mount Sinai.
  33. Moses sees the glory of God.
  34. Moses goes on Mount Sinai again and receives the stone tablets.
  35. Moses talks to the Israelites community about materials for the Tabernacle.
  36. The Tabernacle is built.
  37. The Ark, table, lampstand and altar of incense are built.
  38. The altar of burnt offering, basin for washing and courtyard are built.
  39. The priestly garments are created.
  40. The Tabernacle is installed.


In this book 45 people, 2 peoples and 1 pagan god were added to the Bible genealogy.


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