Deuteronomy (5 Book Moses) is book number 5 of the Bible. It contains 34 chapters.

Contents by chapter

  1. Moses repeats the story from going out of Egypt until the rebellion in Kadesh.
  2. The Israelites wander in the desert and defeat Sihon.
  3. They defeat Og, king of Bashan.
  4. Moses tells the Israelites to be obedient to God.
  5. Repetition of the Ten Commandments.
  6. Moses reminds the Israelites that they shall love the Lord and remember the laws.
  7. A list of the seven peoples that the Israelites will destroy.
  8. Moses reminds the Israelites to follow the laws.
  9. The Israelites will not take over the land because of their righteousness.
  10. Moses goes up Mount Sinai a second time to get the Ten Commandments inscribed in new stone tablets.
  11. Moses reminds the Israelites of the wonders that the Lord did and tells them to obey the Lord.
  12. How the Israelites can eat meat.
  13. Worshipping other gods is disallowed.
  14. About clean and unclean food and the tithes.
  15. Every seven years debts are to be canceled and servant to be freed.
  16. Feasts that the Israelites celebrate in remembrance of what God did.
  17. About courts and requirements for a king.
  18. Rules about priests and prophets.
  19. Cities of refuge, where people can go after unintentionally killing somebody.
  20. Instructions for going to war against other people.
  21. Unsolved murders and family rules.
  22. Laws about sexual behaviour.
  23. Holiness of the assembly and the camp.
  24. Miscellaneous laws, especially about treatment of the poor.
  25. Miscellaneous laws, especially about family matters.
  26. Firstfruits and the tithes belong to the lord.
  27. Altar on Mount Ebal, recital of the curses and blessings.
  28. The people of Israel is warned in harsh words to follow all the rules laid out to them.
  29. Moses tell the Israelites about the importance of the covenant God just spelled out.
  30. Promise to the Israelites that God will heal them if they repent and go back to God.
  31. Joshua is officially commissioned to be Moses' successor.
  32. Moses talks about how the Israelites have abandoned God.
  33. Moses blesses the tribes of Israel.
  34. Moses dies and Joshua takes over.


In this book 0 people, 4 peoples and 0 pagan gods were added to the Bible genealogy.


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